Past Events

Edinburgh Level 1 Coaching Course
We held a Level 1 BKA coaching course on 11th August. Watch this space for a report coming soon.
June 2012 Masamune Taikai

The Masamune Taikai. A quite interesting and educating experience indeed. My first victory in a taikai followed by the second, the third and my first cup in a taikai as a result, in the Shodan division! So, what does competition offer in Iaido and what does a good or a bad result mean?
Iaido Summer Seminar 26-28th August
Will be held in Stevenage this year.

See the BKA website here to book a place.
New 6th Dan

It is with great delight and pleasure that I can announce that John Honisz-
Greens, my Sensei and our club Dojo Cho, sat his Rokudan grading in
Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, on June 1st 2012; and passed at his
first attempt. We now have a brand new 6th Dan in Edinburgh Genbukan.

I am sure that he would be delighted to receive and messages of
congratulations in this great news.

David McLean
Dojo Senior
Morita Sensei at Hakone Hachi-dan taikai
Congratulations to Morita Sensei for finishing in second place at Hakone Hachi-dan taikai.
Edinburgh Genbukan Seminar. March 2nd - 4th 2012.

A review of our recent seminar by one of our beginners, Nikyu Ray Sieniawski.

It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I headed for our dojo in the Walpole Hall at St. Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh's West End for what was to be my first Iaido seminar...

Northern Seminar 2011 - Darlington
Darlington iaido & jodo seminar on the 5th & 6th November. Grading is to 5th Dan iaido and 3rd Dan jodo.
Northern coaching seminar - 2011
Congrats to John Honisz-Greens, who becomes Scotland's first BKA Regional Coach, David McLean for passing BKA level 2 coaching, Matthew Bielby and David Hickey for passing level 1 coaching.
July 31-August 2 2011 BKA Summer Seminar and Ishido Koryu Taikai
It all kicked off at eleven am on Saturday as we left Edinburgh in our inconspicuously bright red bus...
Oshita Sensei 8 Dan taikai victory

Congratulations to Oshita Sensei, who won the 8 Dan taikai in Hakone yesterday on his first attempt!
May 14-15 2011 Midlands Seminar and Grading, Solihull Pt1
Two days training with the British nanadans (Cook Sensei, Goodman Sensei and Buxton Sensei) followed by a grading to Shodan.

The first of two reviews - a beginner's first grading and seminar.