Beginners Course

About The Course

Edinburgh Genbukan run regular beginnerís courses. Our current course start dates are:

  • 14th January 2019

If you would like to take part in our course then please get in touch

What to expect

The beginners course is a six week structured training programme covering the 12 basic forms of seitei iaido, which will form the basis of your study going forward. You will cover the basic shape of each of the 12 forms during each lesson of the six week course to allow you to safely join the wider group in weekly practice. Your first session will be free of charge and will be delivered by David Hickey sensei, appointed head teacher at Edinburgh Genbukan. Each lesson thereafter will be delivered by different experienced teachers allowing you to experience the variety of teaching approaches we utilise at Edinburgh Genbukan, and allowing you to get to know the other teachers and students in the club.

What equipment will I need?

To begin with you need some comfortable training clothes (long trousers instead of shorts). We train barefoot in the dojo so there is no need to find special footwear. Following your first session we will require you to join the British Kendo Association as a temporary member (cost: £10 refundable on taking out a full BKA membership). This will cover your insurance as you train with us. You will also need to buy some kneepads as much of our training is done in the kneeling position. If you are unable to kneel, we have standing versions of all the kneeling forms that you can practice as an alternative. That will cover you until the end of the beginnerís course, at which point you will graduate into the full class.

How much will it cost?

Your first session is free. From your second session onwards you will pay the standard club fees which are £35 per month or £15 for concessions. Edinburgh Genbukan is a non-profit martial arts club, and all money taken is reinvested in the students and teachers through room rental, club equipment, seminar travel costs, etc. The teachers in the club are all volunteers, so please utilise their time responsibly.

So what now?

Get in touch! Drop us an email and ask any questions you need. Weíre passionate about what we do and happy to help. If youíre still unsure about signing up for the course, come down and chat with us and see what we do. We train on Mondays and Wednesdays and you are always welcome.