Concerning Shinken
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Sword Polishing Techniques Unique to Japan
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The Japanese Sword Law & Export / Import of Swords From / Into Japan
NB: There has been significant changes to the export rules and how to go about getting a sword out of Japan since this article was written. While this article still gives some useful insights the details of what the current rules are should be checked to ensure full compliance.
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The Fundamentals of Aiki-ju-jutsu
An article describing the Fundaments of Aiki-ju-jutsu, written by John Honisz-Greens in 1999.
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John Honisz-Green's Dream Sword
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Dont sweat and forget
An article about dealing with sweat and (de)hydration
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Quantitative Analysis of Iaido Proficiency by Using Motion Data
The purpose of this research is to make a quantitative analysis of Iaido (the Japanese art of using the Japanese sword) proficiency with multivariate data analysis. We carried our experiments of motion capture on Kirioroshi (a straight overhead slash) movement of Roppon-me (a sword thrust using two hands) in Iaido. We can analyse the proficiency of an Iaido practitioner by conducting PCA (Principal Components Analysis) and cluster analysis of parameters of body movement. In addition, it is expected that our research will help Iaido practitioners and masters with Iaido training through giving new information on Iaido movements.
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Cutting Edge issue one
A publication for all things related to iaido, iaijutsu and kenjutsu
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The rise and fall of the Bingo smiths
Looking at the rise and fall of smiths in the Bingo province.
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Edinburgh Genbukan 2013 Seminar review
A review of our Jikkiden seminar as seen in Cutting Edge magazine.
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Bringing a cutting edge back to life
"Many people have been asking for information on polishing, sharpening (or otherwise re-edging) a sword used in modern test-cutting practice. While this seems a simple request, itís a very wide open and technical topic. "
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